ASHTAR via James McConnell – Pleiadian Fleet Are Preparing


I am Ashtar.  It is always wonderful to be with you in these times and moments in the midst of these many changes that are occurring and are about to occur.

I come at this time to share with you those outer happenings that are occurring above you in the many ships, the many fleets that are here, those ones that you have heard of that have been parked just outside of your atmosphere for some time.  And as we have said several times that we have come closer and closer, even to the point where we have begun more and more to uncloak ourselves so that those that have eyes to see can see us, and that of the Pleiadian fleet that is preparing not only a great celebration, but they are planning an operation, you might say, an operation that will bring this even closer—disclosure–closure and closer to you.  In order for that to happen, those of you, the Way-showers, those of you that are on the forefront of these great many changes to the earth and to the consciousness here on the earth, those of you that have been preparing, have been working with these energies,  it is time now for you to realize that you are in the midst, right in the midst, of these changes, and as has been said, you are the catalyst for these changes.

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Your consciousness is creating every moment of your lives so it is time more and more now to create that which you want to happen, create everything that you are longing for.  Because as you do so, those of us in our ships, all of the fleets that are out here, will be able to come closer and closer to you, to you as individuals and you as groups.  The entire populace  may not see us yet, but those of you who are ready and prepared, do not fear, do not shy away, those of you will be able to see us more and more.  We are showing ourselves now to you more and more often, because operations are underway to bring disclosure about.  If it will not happen from those of your leaders to make those announcements, then it will happen as a result of your creating this.  You are the disclosure:  remember that.

As these energies from this gateway come flooding into the planet, those of you will feel this, will feel it sometimes as an elation or a blissful moment, other times it will be overwhelming to you.  For the consciousness state that you are in, in the moment, will dictate how these energies will react with you.  That is what you have to member:  the more that you can be in a neutral state of consciousness, the more these energies that are coming in will feel right to you, will feel like it is a part of you.  When you find yourselves in a lower state, a lower vibration, then these energies will interact and create changes within your central nervous system, thereby bringing about certain symptoms possibly that you have not felt yet before.   I tell you this now so that you are more and more in alignment with these higher vibrations.  The more you can be in these higher vibrations, the more you can feel elated, lifted up higher in consciousness, and out of the third dimensional illusion, the more you will feel as if everything is going exactly according to the divine plan.

I am Ashtar.  I leave you now temporarily.  And I say temporarily because we are always with you, and are always just a whisper away to be more fully with you.  Those times are coming where we will be able to appear to you much more than you can possibly imagine yet at this point.

All my peace and love be with all of you.

Ashtar out.

Channeled by James McConnell

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