Jared Rand Update @ Return To Your Truth – 11-15-18

Return To Your Truth

Why All Future Planning Agencies & Prosperity Funds Will Fail … without The Lightworker

November 15, 2018

|The Unknown Lightwarrior

Due to the extreme 3D & energy clearing workload …. this’ll be the shortest Ground Crew Command episode article ever.

Yes … things did shift, we did go through the Pleiadian 11/11 portal thanks to all the mass meditations on the day, with many meditation groups celebrating the 11/11 in their own different ways.

What the 144k Group discovered with its in depth & advanced meditation was quite revealing, and I will be getting into that on this week’s show.

And thank goodness … because we still had a bit to go, in terms of ascending the planet to a much higher timeline where major instabilities in world economies, currency crashes & societal upheaval are not part of the scenario.

The physical indicators for this are showing up everywhere.

People have written in to me with their experiences, but I simply haven’t had a chance to get to them. Which I’m not happy about. But I promise I will get back to you soon if you’ve written in lately.


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