Aluna Ash- 9D – Rainbow Wave Timeline – Starseeds & Lightworkers – 11-10-18



Published on Nov 8, 2018

THE UPLIFTMENT OF HUMANITY😊 Thank you to the ones who are here with pure intent, encouraging others & speaking your truth without creating more division… Ive noticed Divine Feminines rising in every way right now and because of that- being attacked/gas lighted by the Masculine 3D archetype. Its not the person attacking you, slandering, gossiping, judging, etc… its the darkness attached to them or the darkness within them. And right now you will see the darkness with full transparency. Darkness is attracted to the light. It wants to create unconscious triggers so it can attach to your energy, merge through your auric shield. STAY STRONG & FOCUS ON YOUR PATH NO MATTER WHAT. The star family/galactic family says: “Humanity’s Upliftment” instead of Ascension so when I speak of “The Upliftment” in videos, it is the Ascension. This shift is really going to start picking up, there will be an increase with the poles shifting very soon. As soon as we start seeing certain volcanic eruptions at specific energy points on the planet, thats when we know the 3D matrix grid overlapping the natural grid system of The Mother energy, is removed at a level where the collective will be tuning in to the original memory structure of Gaia & galactic memories/template of humanity and sychronicity(4D) Stay strong if you’re dealing with a lot of changes & purging. Stay dedicated to your inner work. And remember, this is just a stop, not the destination💜 We each have different roles that evolve and grow over time… we are all pieces of the puzzle. *We are each like flashdrives of information or conduits needed in order for one system to fully operate. If you have anything that you’ve been working on or if you’ve been sharing your experiences & would like to share, Feel free to link your channels, websites, etc.. in the comments for others to connect.

Published on Nov 9, 2018

March Rainbow Event: 2018 I posted about the rainbow wave Event or purple must Event in March if anyone is interested in listening to that to get an idea of what they may experience. All are experiencing this, whether it is conscious or unconscious depends on the perception, vibration, prior light integration, consciousness, timeline, etc… the visual physical experience is conscious perception of the Rainbow wave Event. It is something you will NEVER forget!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

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