ANDREW BARTZIS – Living the Mystical Life Daily Webcast – 10-25-18



Streamed live on Oct 25, 2018

Welcome to today’s Living the Mystical Life Daily webcast! (Prerecorded)
In today’s show, we look at the applications of the
disciplines of Living the Mystical Life Daily,
go a tad deeper into Andrew’s Journey,
the changes of mass information from paper media to the digital age,
defining the mantle of responsibility,
look at the fear of ceremony and projection.
We also have some great calls exemplifying application of this work in one’s journey, tobacco as a sacred plant medicine, and use of the Consciousness Strike, and more. Lastly, Andrew revisits the Rainbow Meditation with coaching…. Not to be missed! As always, Thumbs Up, Comment in the Chatroll and share with other like minded journeyers! Great info, calls and to learn more about Andrew and Galactic Historian, go to
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