Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – Energy Wave-HUGE One. Rainbow Wave 11/3


Published on Nov 3, 2018
This wave is pretty big. Prob already feeling it… may be later then 4th-7th for some locations. This sky will look different, colors. Misty: Purple/orange/greenish/yellow/pink at different times, like layers as the wave moves you will see different colors which are connected to different frequencies. Ears may ring, ears leaking, headaches, etc.. Attacks may increase right before/ during wave… in astral & through others in physical. Detach & dont feed into their projections and attachments to lower thought forms. If they want to communicate, and theyre in a projection mode and lower vibration- detach n put it off if you can so you arent their energy food. Let them be mad, because most likely its a program, projection, trigger, possession or attachment and not the actual person. Stay focused, stay grounded and positive, this is an INSIDE job, tje only way out of difficult situations or thoughts or experiences is from within yourself not through another person. Set boundaries without guilt. Vatican is being removed. Moon is being removed/control shut down. Shifts in water are coming. Andromedans are working with the White Dragons and elementals in the 4th dimension clearing and protecting the astral plane, removing the darkforces control and vampiric entities. Ill post more on the messages with Andromedans & The White Dragons soon ( haven’t had the time to make the video yet because there’s a lot of information that came through, I have it all written down) I did speak briefly about it on Patreon:




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