LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – November 2018 – Quantum Multi-Dimensional Energy Overview – Collective Kundalini, LightBody, Relationships – 10-30-18



Published on Oct 30, 2018
November continues the Collective Kundalini Awakening Processes of unraveling the old… while focusing on Re-Defining Your Relationships with yourself, each other, all, things… resolving all of those old identities to “other places/spaces/time” to bring all more present into this NOW, in order to elevate and expand your own Consciousness on a Multi-Dimensional Soul Level even more. To the depths of the Cores of our BEings… heavy duty old illusory programs, distortions and energies clear… to be “replaced” with your higher states of consciousness for applying “new” understandings, “new” codes, new ways to how you live you/we all live our lives here.



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