ASTRAEA ET AMORA – The Ascension is the Energetic Alignment with Unity Consciousness – 10-28-18



A discussion about how Separation Consciousness must be processed through the completion of the Inner Work in order to align with Unity Consciousness, and therefore, the Ascension.

Carla Thompson, October 28, 2018

This is a message from the Agarthans who have come forward to us as we were recently guided to connect with Shamballa, the Inner Earth Capital City. It is clear from this message that they wish to emphasize the absolute necessity of clarifying our roles in the ascension from a perspective of inner reflection. Through clarifying our own roles (and this means in effect how we envision our engagement in this process of expansion into a higher frequency), we will have to have reflected upon ourselves to the greatest depth possible. It also means that when we think we have reached the core of our beingness, we will have yet more inner work to do.

It is a fact that the focus of evolution stems from the starting point of the Self.  When self-assessment begins, it must continue until such time as there is a pervading sense of peace, compassion, unconditional love and acceptance of Self, in a field of unending grace and serenity.  And these emotions must be sincere, not arising from a place of unnatural inner control.  Indeed, until we achieve this goal, we will remain in the energetic field of separation consciousness and the unity consciousness will be beyond our reach.

How do we know we are experiencing separation consciousness?  We hold unprocessed fears, judgment and blame of others around us. It is important to know that our judgments of others stem from clear and biased criticism of ourselves, of our own beingness. Separation consciousness can only be released through hard, honest assessments of ourselves: our reactions, our feelings, our thoughts and our beliefs.  Once we have this all out on the table, we really have a truthful knowing of what energies are holding us back from our expansion.

How do we process the Inner Work? First and foremost the Agarthans suggest an unrelenting analysis of our inner world: All of our feelings, all our thoughts, our reactions to every experience and idea that crosses the landscape of our Being. These aspects create the foundation of our limiting belief systems which in turn create judgments leading to intense and blind prejudice. If these beliefs and prejudices are left unanalysed, there is no hope for moving forward into an ascended frequency. This means that without the inner reflection onto the mirror that is presenting itself, there will be no way to hold the higher frequencies from a space of loving kindness, peace, harmony and gratitude for everything. I remind the reader of the recent article: “The Ascension As Self-Knowing

Completing our inner work is the first and most important step in this ascension cycle. We are entering into a field of Unity Consciousness and if we hold limiting beliefs and prejudice of ourselves, and others, we cannot enter this field and we are clearly still on the path of restitution of self.

In the end, when the inner work has cleared away the layers of self-judgment and when we discover the truth of who we are, it is only then that we are free to move forward into accepting ourselves completely. Unconditional self-acceptance is the moment where we will find ourselves to be in total alignment with the expanded consciousness of the unity field, and we will automatically step into the ascended frequency of a new reality.

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