Messages of the Founders – A Brief History of the Earth – 6-28-18



Published on Jun 28, 2018

Founders / Creatures of the 12th density / Gods-Creators – A Brief History of the Earth – Ascension – Time – Future – If you focus on the 12th density, over time you will vibrate at the 12th density. But if you decide to go down and help awaken people of 3rd density, you need to focus on the 3rd density enough to be able to communicate in this area. To do this, you will have to lower your vibration far below the 12th density. But, as soon as you lower your vibration, you are no longer able to do everything you can imagine. Clear? As we said before, the main purpose of this communication … is to help in ascension to higher densities. What most people see before themselves as the next stage of their development is the ability to gradually move through the 4th density in the 5th. Speaking “gradually”, in fact, we mean “very fast”, because for several years or even several decades … not so much time in a grand scheme of space … Source: Sal Rachele – Translation: Love Podlipskaya – March, 2008 – Change of the Earth and 2012 – Messages of the Founders –



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