POLONA AUREA DAWN – The New Body Template – How to Manifest in Divine Union – 10-17-18 – via Ascension Pioneers



Published on Oct 17, 2018

Dear Ascension Pioneers!*
We are still moving through quite intense times, riding the waves of New energy. This energetic change is the cause of many foundational changes that are taking place in our lives and occur deep in the body.
We are creating New body templates which is a lifelong process and any Being who commits to this path will undergo tremendous body changes in their embodiment, including the experience of constant death and rebirth.
When aspects of the old energy “make-up” or foundation die, so do our cellular memories. This means that our cells are undergoing an intense rebuilding process, which uses a lot of our vital Life force that usually goes into regular body maintenance processes. This causes the exhaustion experience which we will notice taking place in our bodies as a gradual process which occurs in waves.
In each wave, the cellular dynamics within our New bodies will undergo a new level of Soul alchemy and change profoundly from the Core level up and from inside out as if it’s blossoming.
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