GEORGI STANKOV – THE MAGENTA RAY OF HEALING – At the Stargate 10.10.11 (2018) – 10-10-18 – via Stankov’s Universal Law Press

A Message from Astraea and Amora



Earth’s Moon in a field of Gamma Rays    Credit to: UniverseToday


Carla Thompson, October 10, 2018


Many of us are aware of the new values of energetic expression coming our way over the recent days and I was not at all surprised when I was called to sit in the presence of the Sun’s light, for what I was told would be a special healing experience to help me balance these beautiful incoming energies within my Body~Mind~Spirit (BMS) system.  As I am very curious as to what is unfolding energetically around me in every moment, I willingly obliged and envisioned a full restoration of my BMS system. I was not disappointed!

I laid back on the lawn chair with a view to the glistening Mediterranean sea and closed my eyes to the brilliant gold light that penetrated my being, a deep golden-peach light that has intensified over recent weeks and has also taken the concept of beauty to a whole new level, and which also brings opportunities to heal ourselves on our continued expansion upwards in frequency to the higher dimensional realities revealing themselves around us.

I was told to take several slow, deep breaths in order to unravel any tension I held within my body.  Here is what followed:  As I began to slow my breathing and unwind, there came before my inner sight an instantaneous explosion of magenta light. The photo above represents perfectly the vision I had, that of a deeply intense magenta pink colour, that came alive as though it was a living light. While this is a photo of the moon in a field of gamma rays, it is the field of magenta light that I am referring to.  It was a light that exploded all across the viewing screen of my inner sight.  It was spectacular!  I was told this light is the most powerful foundational energy in this Universe, forming the basis of all Creation through the application of the principles of love, balance, divine order and harmony.

We have already been told that the Magenta Ray, which arrived on the earth on October 2017, is the foundation to creation of the perfected life in the worlds of density and expansion alike and also that with the arrival of the New Magnetic Sun on April 13, 2018, any new creations would be carried out through the forces of magnetism.  The Magenta Ray is here to offer the power of balance through the application of the principles of magnetism, to balance our BMS system where unqualified forces affecting our health have created disease in every system, against the principles of creation of the First Cause where intimate intention of the Creation at the beginning of time was only perfection through divine order, harmony and love.

It follows that we will begin to experience unlimited uses for this magnificent ray …




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