Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D Updates – Posted 9-30-18

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Published on Sep 29, 2018


Hi Mom!🤗😘 I love you.
I give messages, thats just part of what im supposed to do as my service, if they dont resonate or make sense, dont force it. Not all messages are meant for everyone, just whoever it resonates.
I was also seeing something with JKF and the containment or plasmic field around the planet, Dominic testing… 2020 came through in dream/meditative state no real message… Along w a visual of myself in 2022. Lighter feeling new world- 2024/2025 💓💓Anyone else dealing w attacks, projections, gossip and just bs from others (especailly if you share info publicly) stay strong in your inner knowing & connection to God/Divine/Source! Dark forces want you to react, they want you to be triggered, they want you to fail, they want to mock or slander your name, they will use others to get to you, they want to confuse you and create doubt within yourself, they want you to keep quiet. DON’T!!! Your spirit is powerful & when your intentions are pure & not malice- you will always be the one in harmony, high vibe & in contentment in the end.. Cause and effect, law of rythm. Energy is reactive, you get what you give. Always. **spiritual growth is not a competition, neither is youtube😂 Any youtuber getting attacked by another…just know they feed off others, thats why they do it. This is a Spiritual, energetic, Psychological war… Collective timeline events are not going to effect anyone in alignment or anyone who trusts in their connection from within, its all an illusion anyways. We are avatars.. these bodies are just the vehicle we are using to have an experience. All suffering begins and ends in the mind. Stay in compassion always- dont feed the system your energy by reacting, its a distraction.


As I’ve been saying for months… after summer it all begins in a big way- mass arrests, shifts, exposing, events, mass awakenings, increase in plasmic wave density/transmissions with less distortion… all unfolding in several collective timelines collapsing into one unified field. Changes in technology, measurement system using “new” energy (not new, just telling the collective its “new”😂) & money will begin to be made aware to the public but may not be rolled out more towards November. Many will feel energy wave w ears ringing, itchy skin, heart palpitations. People will begin seeing large fleets of ships in 12 different locations. Im seeing dates for different collective events, (not THE event, talking about events leading to that and creating mass shifts/change) just waiting for confirmation before I mention more because the time is intuitive. The only way out of fear is within, the soul is the persona, the spirit connects you to the creator.. Connect and listen to your spirit, you recieve direct guidance. We are all just pieces of the same cookie🍪. Stay true in your knowing, if it doesnt resonate, its not meant to. Honor your Free Will and the Free Will of others.

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