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Earth Changes



Reader C. offers:


Once Disclosure happens, I don’t see how religion will survive. God loves the righteous no matter where or who they are. There are honest, truthful, brave, kind, generous, loving, thoughtful, patient people all over the world. For as much “ugly” as I’m forced to see, I see much more love and real beauty. Not Hollywood’s version of beauty but Heaven’s version of beauty. And I’ve notice that Heaven’s version of beauty has a few things in common.

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In Heaven’s version of beauty no one spends a lot of time, if any, watching TV or going to the movies. They don’t “identify” with any particular group at all but you’ll occasionally see them supporting others. They don’t need 15 or 2 minutes of fame, in fact they shun it.

They quietly help and carry on remaining a friend. They stand up for change eloquently and effectively. Their meditation practice shows in the way they affect their surroundings at the quantum level. They remain calm under the most trying circumstances. They embody peace.

We are immortal beings with great powers, incarnated here on planet earth where many of us currently operate in a state of amnesia. As our amnesia melts away, many truths will become fantastic realities, or, hellish nightmares depending on our spiritual orientation. What do you really feel in your heart toward yourself, your fellow man, woman and child who exist with you on this planet and your Creator if you believe in one? It is one’s right to remain ignorant of All-That-IS.

In the Hopi tradition, as the planet and its inhabitants ascend into the 5th world, we are told to look away from the collapsing lower world and enter into a natural setting with nothing but natural coverings as all that is natural will be removed and our focus is to be on Spirit.

This makes sense when you consider the clones, and various malevolent ET groups and the AI that have plagued our current existence. And it certainly feels like they are being removed.

Hempcrete housing is natural and I pray that many will become available for the righteous.

In the Enochian prophecies the righteous are transported spiritually to the new world and our Star Sisters and Brothers visit us with many gifts.

Those reading these words have been blessed greatly to live at this moment in time when the wicked are being removed from this earth. You are so blessed, the Apostle’s begged to be reincarnated during this time.

Lift up your spirits and know that great things are in store for you if you only keep an open mind. We’re all going to have to let go of many of our beliefs simply because we’ve been so misled, lied to and despised as the species known as Human.

By the power of your concentrated thought you create reality.

When you let others tel-u-[the]-vision, your power of concentrated thought is taken over and placed behind the creation of their vision, instead of your vision.

Envision a world of peace and abundance for all and feel it and mean it in your heart. When you can feel that for every man, woman, and child regardless of race, color, size, shape, creed or religion; your heart will be pure. The pure in heart WILL SEE GOD.

It doesn’t mean you need to be a SAP for abusers or those will ill intent. That line of thinking was inserted into the Matrix programming to keep us in line while they plundered our spirits and souls. Meditation increases your intelligence. Use your God given intelligence.

Life as we’ve known it on this planet is about to change. We are changing and becoming a new species. The earth is changing and the cosmos is changing.

Prepare your hearts and minds to meet our sisters and brothers from the stars.


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