Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – Channeled Message – 9-10-18



Published on Sep 10, 2018

**Energy wave coming 11th-13th Rainbow Waves- Geomagnetic Sky: pink purple green yellow. “The sky will glow” Remember WE CREATE OUR REALITY both individually and collectively. We experience our reality based off of the most active realm of the psyche/consciousness. We are always growing and evolving as a species but you can grow much faster by the awareness of your own behavior/thought patterns & emotions that are most active. THE EVENT is a manifestation of a shift in consciousness backed by galactic support. October transmission- still active. November 16th 2018- still active as far as I know. March 2019 water displacement could be sooner or beginning by that time. Seeing water after a pretty large earthquake also. I dont think this earthquake has hit yet. Its another large one- then water goes within or below then expands. I keep being shown energy below the surface of the ocean floor for a reason. And it is nothimg to fear- we have manifested this shift as a collective, just like we have manifested everything else (just by default) I have said for months the activity will pick up & to me, this is only the start of what I was shown as far as activity goes- im shown in energy & picture mostly. I was also shown my own light body transformation from now until 2022 which is pretty amazing. This shift is amazing. โคโคif it doesnt resonate, dont watch. Stay true to how you feel.




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