GEORGI STANKOV – Daniela Lupo: A Message from the Family of the White Dragons – Our Current Final Phase of Ascension – 8-30-18


Published on Aug 30, 2018

Channeled By Daniela Lupo, August 30, 2018 Translation from Italian into English by Georgi Stankov View Article :

Daniela Lupo, August 30, 2018

Translation from Italian into English by Georgi Stankov below

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Georgi Stankov

This message is a direct reference to the beginning of our final ascension phase with the opening of the full moon portal on August 26th, about which we have not reported yet as we wanted to gain more clarity. Ten days before this portal and since then we are being hit by massive downloads of source energies that resemble the huge waves and vortices we experienced two years ago when we anchored the new three cities of lightNew Lemuriain Vancouver, Canada, New Raetia in Italy and Central Europe and focused our attention on Nova Terra, in the Andes in South America, which Carla founded last Christmas, while she traveled to Ecuador.

At the same time, in August 2016, we also anchored the new protuberance field which first connected to the 6th dimension of pure creation and later on, through the Infinity portal in White Rock, directly to the Source as described  by the Elohim in two messages in the energy report “The Creation of the Three Spiritual World Centres of Ascension – Part I” (go to chapter):

The Creation of the Protuberance Field for the Two Spiritual World Centres in Vancouver, North America and Munich, Central Europe Within Which the New Theory of the Universal Law Will be Introduced After Ascension

This report gives you a very good description of what we are being experiencing during the last two – three weeks, since August 14th and will most probably continue experiencing till our final transfiguration and ascension, hopefully next month as the headaches and body pain are unbearable. It is notable to observe that the Elohim announced very clearly in these two messages both our arrival in Italy as well as the direct creation of the 3rd city of light Terra Nova in the Andes by us at a later unspecified date and circumstances. This is another powerful prospective and retrospective proof for the validity of the Elohim messages and our energetic reports throughout the years, but outside linear time.

Since August 2016 this unique protuberance field of pure energy, which we carry in our joint fields as Logos Gods and Elohim, has expanded and encompasses not only the entire North American continent and Europe, but also the entire globe. It is within this field that the new theory of the Universal Law and all the new technologies will be introduced to humanity in the upper 4D earth and of course in the 5D cities of light this year.

In the last several days we were made aware one more time of the importance of the protuberance field for our current final ascension and what central role it will play in the final ID shift of humanity later on, after we have ascended and the cities of light begin to manifest. The correlation was made with respect to the similar intensity of the experienced repeated cc-waves of downloads of source energies and vortices in August 2016 and now that crash the entire body system. Currently our bodies feel, in addition to the excruciating headaches and body pain, so exhausted and depleted all the time by this massive transfiguration at the cellular and quantum level that we can no longer function in this 3D world and barely survive.

This is, I must admit, a huge disappointment for me, as I was spared the first two weeks of August, during the Lion’s gate portal, from such heavy waves and hoped that I had finished with my tedious cleansing light work, which I perform since 1999. But the truth is that we are tortured as long as we dwell in physical bodies and that is why the only redemption for us is ascension and transfiguration into crystalline light bodies.

This is actually the topic of the message of the family of the White Dragons, with which we are in a very close and loving contact since we helped them reclaim their mother earth, from which they were expelled for a very long time by the dark entities that took unlawful possession of this planet about 500,000 years ago in linear time. This dramatic event happened on May 17th this year when we visited Savona and lifted this part of the earth to the 6th and 7th dimension for a short period of time and the sky was full with jubilant dragons who were greeting and cheering us. I have reported about this experience in the article:

The Return to Eden

The reclaiming of the earth by the white dragons as their mother planet was a necessary prerequisite for all other major ascension events this summer. The cleansing of Gaia and humanity from all dark entities that had taken possession of many humans in the last several months would not have been possible without the help of the white dragons, as they are the Custodians of Gaia and this galaxy and protect them from all dark forces.

Read also: Ascension Dynamics

We three have as Elohim incarnations as Dragons, as we are everything, just as we are also Arcturians, and that is why we can establish contact to the Dragons, who have otherwise a very quiet, loving energy and are very difficult to channel. Therefore it is a great achievement that Daniela got this message yesterday evening.

The essence of these final ascension waves is that when they come and induce a massive ascension leap we are taken away for several hours during the day or in the night and then move to the cities of light where we dwell at first hours, then half a day, a whole day, and the duration of our sojourn there augments with which ascension leap that follows. During this time we are absolute disfunctional in this reality and our bodies feel very vulnerable and insecure. The coordination is impaired, we feel nauseated, wobbly and highly insecure and hit ourselves at various objects around us. Driving is virtually impossible and even going outside is extremely difficult. Our soul essence is gone during the time of our energetic sojourn in the cities of light and our bodies are heavy. We feel a constant pressure in the chest which always happens when the soul fragments leave our bodies and this reality and the life-spending force of the soul is more or less extinguished.

This process will continue in an upward spiral, where we ascend, dwell in the cities of light, then descend for a while to disseminate the codes and the higher frequency energies to this 3D reality and then ascend again. The sojourns in the 5D cities of light will become longer and longer and one day…. hopefully… we do not need to return in a physical body in this reality any more. AA Uriel told us the other day that after our bodies have sufficiently acclimated to the higher frequencies of the cities of light, we will feel lighter and much better. Our impression is that this will happen after 3 weeks around mid September. The white dragons essentially confirm this outcome in their message to us.

This is essentially the new quality of the incoming energies of ascension and if it were not for the fact that we are so exhausted and in pain, we should rejoice like children as this is the point in time we have been waiting for so long when our final goal is in plain sight. And now enjoy the powerful message of the family of the White Dragons which Daniela received yesterday evening.


Qui è il messaggio che ho ricevuto ieri sera sul terrazzo di casa esposto a sud fronte mare.

Ieri sera ero seduta sul terrazzo di casa  a sud  fronte mare, ero molto stanca, queste energie, che in questi giorni passano attraverso i nostri corpi fisici e in tutti i nostri corpi e campi energetici, sono così intense che sento il mio corpo fisico debole e senza forza.

Anche la mente è sovraffaticata ed ero in un momento in cui tutto di me era così stanco che tutto in me taceva, la mente era quieta o forse assente dalla gran stanchezza e godevo di questo momento di silenzio e tranquillità. 

Guardavo il cielo e osservavo la bellezza dei colori che in questi giorni sono così intensi e vivi, il cielo, il mare, le piante tutto brilla ed è traslucente. Ad un certo punto la mia attenzione si è fissata su una parte del cielo dove c’era una grossa nuvola che man mano ha preso la forma di un enorme Drago Bianco translucido.

Fissavo la nuvola e la forma si definiva sempre più, enormi ali che si allargavano in un’ampia parte del cielo ed in mezzo la testa di un drago che sembrava sorridere. Occhi grandi e gentili, il viso rivolto verso di me aperto e luminoso.

Ho guardato con attenzione e la figura rimaneva lì, non si spostava anzi sembrava sempre più grande e vicina, mi è venuto in mente che poco prima con te, Georgi, avevamo già visto una figura in cielo che sembrava una colomba e tu hai detto che era la Colomba dello Spirito Santo.

Ho pensato anche a Pepe il mio caro amico cane che è passato il 7 giugno scorso e mentre pensavo a queste cose la figura in cielo si trasformava in colomba, nella figura di Pepe e anche nel viso di un leone che sembra abbia una connessione con Pepe stesso.

Ad un certo punto ho sentito un’energia delicata e gentile, come volesse raggiungermi e dirmi qualcosa, ho sentito la frase “qui è la famiglia dei Draghi Bianchi”, ho pensato volessero dare un messaggio e sono subito corsa a prendere carta e penna.

Qui di seguito il messaggio che ho ricevuto e trascritto.



Thanks to   Georgi Stankov



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