MARCO LOPOR – Light Body Integration 9-1-18 – via The Earth Plan –


Source: Marco Lopor

Final symptoms of the complete Light Body integration are manifesting for every activated member of the ground crew.

Every day is like if a new area of the brain is reached with tingles and pulsations, while the plasma light fixes all the last small junctures in the body that were still blocked somehow, so to be comfortable in this new connection with the phisical body.

Sometimes may happen that in a specific point the electric pulse starts to appear and then moves fast towards the center of the brain along the spine, a phisical release of something that you let go definitely.

If you focus on the light you can now move the plasma in your body, just concentrating your thought on the part of the body that needs to be healed so to find peace and total release.

You Will feel the movements of the light on the specific point until the pain is gone.

After that there is only bliss and beautiful sensations of joy, because the flow boosts incredibly both serotonine and dopamine.

Do not be afraid of the small inconveniences during the process, See the bigger picture and everything Will Be fine.

Keep Shining Magical Forerunners !

This World Needs You more than anything else !


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