rysa5 – Sacred Secrets – Enlightenment of the Teachers of Light – 8-24-18


Published on Aug 23, 2018

As the Game begins wherein you are now a player every step and move must be made clearly and carefully. You are now in a charged atmosphere with cosmic energy and your enlightenment is closer. There is on each point of your hand an image a symbol detailed by the lines of your hand that has a message for you … which hand does not matter and to energize use qi gong to feel the ball of energy grow between your fingers. Feel the touch of the divine in each moment of life and find the sacredness of sec when you are in love and in your inner being fully safe and empowered with the other as they are. In this moment the energy of the heart exists closestest when this love of the heart is shared intimately into surrender and the surrender is full and it begins the quest of the soul. As a Teacher you will need to return to the worlds and become clear as you speak of the wayshowers who are of your family. … So it begins in cryptic messaging from all sides as the reorientation begins for humanity.



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