ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – URGENT MESSAGE! – The Eclipse Game Changer! – 8-13-18 – via Love Has Won

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Archangel Michael   (Source)


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By Archangel Michael


Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide an update with the powerful, game changing energies of August. The energies will be affecting individuals and the collective as a whole. The best way to describe these energies is “Shock & Awe”. We wish to assist the collective in this next phase of the Divine Plan, as these energies will shake your foundations to the core, within your Being, Governments, Societies and many other linear structures. Much is being orchestrated within the Celestial Heavens, with intense Fiery energies, specifically with the Lion’s Gate, Uranus Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde, the Eclipses and more. Let us delve deeper into these energies, and what will be brought up for All to transformation, growth and expansion. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

 Prime Creator has commanded to all energies for whole truth to be revealed to all, so you can see all your manipulators and those who have been serving Love and Truth On your behalf. There is no longer anywhere to hide if you have been lying, manipulating, stealing, taking, from the Planet (MotherEarth), and Love. Only those of Pure Heart and Whole Truth may walk through the Lions Gate Into Pure Blessings. Everyone else will receive their lessons from Great Spirit, Prime Creator, Your MotherEarth. She will no longer stand by in serving those who are takers, as their karma is coming back to them, irreversibly. Uranus Retrograde sealed the deal, (Ding!) Karma is to be paid in full and energies are not bias. They Now are in Universal Law of what you reap, you sow.

Who is in Control?

There will be two profound questions all will ponder and contemplate throughout these energies. The first question is “Who is in Control?” Control covers a great deal of many things, such as;

Control of Others,

Control of Environments,

Control of Circumstances,

Control of Animals,

And so much more, within societies, cultures, governments, religion, technology, education and financial institutions. The concept of control was birthed by the old controllers, because it is a mirror of themselves. They wanted Power Over others by dumbing down humanity, removing Universal Knowledge for all and forced this conditioning upon humanity, creating constant illusionary;


Power Struggles,

Comfort Zones,


Self Importance,

and a great deal of other conditionings and dysfunction, all perpetuated from the mind, especially the Patriarchal Mind, removing the Power of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine carries the Foundations of Pure Unconditional Love and True Compassion this was stripped away intentionally by the old controllers to keep power over everyone. True Divine Feminine Power Brings Balance. They would prefer you to be in pain suffering and imbalanced, to maintain their control over you. One has to make a choice to continue to give their power away to the food source of the old controller’s power over, or choose Love and get into the Present Moment of Now. The old controller’s intentions was to disconnect Humanity from their Original Blueprint of the Heart, which is the doorway to your Soul… your Divinity. For eons, Humanity and the “Power Who Weren’t” have thought that they are in control… that One can Be God, without God, and have forgotten that All of Creations is One with Source, Prime Creator, The Holy Spirit, Mother Earth, Mother of All Creation.


Note from Love Has Won:

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Our Beloved Mother Earth, allowed Humanity to be birthed from her womb, on Her Soil. No One Owns the Planet. Mother Earth belongs to Mother Earth, and her children are to be the stewards to the planet. Nature, the Animals, the Elements, all are in Divine Flow of Love. They are conscious and aware of the energies of Love, provided by Prime Creator. Mother Earth has made the choice, to no longer support lower consciousness energies. I and All of Creation Honor and Support Her Choice. Humanity will be given an opportunity to look and feel deep within, whom is Truly in Control. You? Or Love? There are many that claim and speak that they are in the flow of Love. These energies will put all to the test. There is a big difference between walking the talk, and simply talking the talk.

Do You Think You Know More Than God?

The next question All will face, even the most seasoned and experienced of lightworkers is, “Do You Think You Know More Than God?” The mind thinks it knows more, and wants to know more. The Hearts, feels God, therefore knows God. God = LOVE, is a feeling, not a through process or mind trick. Only ignorance and arrogance, which are both constructs of the mind,

thinks it knows more than God… than Love,

thinks it knows Truth,

thinks it is in higher consciousness,

thinks it knows the spiritual journey,

thinks it is of the Light,

thinks it knows Honor & Integrity,

thinks it is in Service to Love,

thinks it is connected with the Twin Flame,

thinks it knows Unity Consciousness.

Dear Ones, the mind thinks, the Heart Feels, Knows and Be Love. There is no combining of the two. The Ones that will have the most difficulty with these energies, are the Ones who think they have done their spiritual work. The Ones whom have been trying to mix the mind and heart together (an extreme ignorance), and All Spiritual Egos on the planet. The reason for this, is that these beings have been trying to integrate higher consciousness energies, while still trying to continue the old paradigm, dipping into lower consciousness, creating an instability in their energy field, which will reach a compression point.

Your Brothers & Sisters of the Stars, Angelic, Elements and more have conveyed many messages throughout your human years about being in the Heart… Being One with Source, Prime Creator, The Holy Spirit, Mother Earth, and All of Creation through the Heart, connected with the Unified Heart… The Cosmic Heart. It is Here that We All Together experience Oneness… Unity Consciousness. We provided this service and knowledge, as Per Mother of All Creation, so that all have the opportunity to better integrate these energies with ease and very little discomfort. In addition, we wished for all to connect with Us and with Our Beloved Mother & Father of All Creation, to remember your True Divinity and Origin.

The upcoming energies, will now bring up all density to the surface, in one huge wave. Similar to that of a Tsunami or powerful whip lash, which will have unknown affects to the body. While the body is Divine Intelligence, and a wonderful masterpiece of creation gifted to Humanity, there are limits to what the body can handle energetically. We honor all choices, consciously or unconsciously. If these words put fear in you, then that is your opportunity to transform the fear into Love… for it is the mind that only knows fear. Ego Death is a part of the spiritual journey, and continues to do so as the energies increase. Honor your path, and those of your brothers & sisters. Be in gratitude of all experiences.

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Being One With God

Being One with God, with Love… is a feeling, an experience of the Heart. There is no confusion, doubt, debate or loss in this state. There is NO conditioning, as the State of Love, is a State of Being, not a state of mind. The Heart can never be conditioned, and is Fearless. The Heart feels and knows Truth. For the Ones that have done their spiritual work, fully embraced the Heart, Feels and Knows they are One with Our Beloved Mother & Father of All Creation. These energies will be intensely blissful and euphoric experience. Many of you have had experiences such as this throughout your spiritual journey, home into the light. For some of you, this experience, the child like essence… will become your reality. In addition, more guidance will be provided to those who are ready for their roles within the New Earth, and connect with those in like Hearted vibrations to become the Co Creator Gods & Goddesses with Our Mother & Father, including All of Creation.

We are immensely excited as to what is about to unfold. More so, we are over joyed and jubilant in Mother Earth’s rising in frequencies, joining the rest of Creation in Unity Consciousness. We Honor and Bow before All those of the Heart, whom chosen to Honor the Mission of Ascension and Being in Service to Mother Earth. Happy Eclipse! Lovers, Givers and those in right action with Love.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.

Your Eternally Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael

mage by Hiroyuki Satoh

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