ALISON COE – Chakra upgrades – Messages from Blue ETs, Mt. Shasta and more – BQH Client Sessions – 7-2-18


Published on Jul 2, 2018

Hi!! Thank you for watching my video about two recent, extremely synchronistic hypnosis sessions. These sessions both touched on messages from Blue beings, chakra upgrades or changes, Mt. Shasta, DNA Upgrades and so much more. For these sessions I used a type of hypnosis called Beyond Quantum Healing “BQH” – which allows for remote sessions. I also still do QHHT. A special thank you to my clients who have agreed to share their sessions with the public. I couldn’t do this without you! Care to join me for the Transformational Shift Conference in Sedona from September 28th thru September 30th? Find out more at: http://www.transformationalshiftevent… Find out more about BQH and/or find a Quantum Healer near you at: My website: Much love to all of you! Allison



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