THE EARTH PLAN – Shekina Rose, Sedona AZ – Close Encounters, Shamballas Appear with a Message – 8-4-18



Please watch the video here (youtube).

Here’s the description from her fb page: 
Shekina Rose/Sedona AZ Close Encounters Group/ Shamballa’s appear with a Message Shekina shares the first time since it happened in 2016, what is really happening in the earth and in the skies, the City of Lights crystals from Atlantis manifesting that is bringing a home frequency for the New Earth.

The frequencies are the key to ascension and revelations of the Language of light mathematical equation of Creation, pure tones of the ancient solfeggio scale that were found in Shekina’s vocals after she went to the Light and back in a NDE.

with some incredible light language singing with Kymberley Griffin playing the crystal singing bowls

Now is time for this information to be revealed




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