THE QUANTUM SHIFT – Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, Drake Bailey – 8-7-18

DUANE:   Message from Pleiadian King Plachacha, Hollow Earth re:  Lions Gate 2018   –   Timelines are all synchronous now, info re: the old Matrix, the Consciousness Divide, Trump is Sirian walk-in,   Battles above Earth.  Forbidden craft not allowed in. Health and food information, Kent: Foundation will restore American farm soil, heritage gardening,  Flat Earth?,


Published on Aug 8, 2018

Have some fun with us and we explore the unknown reality and our new world. A2 milk is not your poisoned milks. You need to know the difference and why you need fats to create stem cells that rebuild your body. People that are lactose intolerant, they drink A1 milk. Read about here:… Stem Cell Health:…… Happy Days are here….ascension is an inside job. If your not getting the results you are looking for, then change your thoughts. Actions causes friction and creates a chain reaction to manifest what you truly want for your new paradigm. Please take this information and do your own research. The smarter and more knowledgeable you are, the faster you can have your own connection with your Star Family. They will meet us half way, but they don’t do it for us. Empower yourself to be the best version of your self. It’s easy when you let the drama go and start creating a life with love, passion, and joy. Don’t you deserve it? We think so, just ask Kent Dunn. Thanks for watching.

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