L’AURA PLEIADIAN – BEING YOUR ASCENDED GOD SELF – via Circle of the Dolphins – 8-4-18


L’aura Pleiadian


Many Envision an idea of when One is Ascended or Being Their God Self, they will have all the things that they now want.

The thing about that is ~ when we are in our God State ~ we live aware of the energy that FLOWS through us ~ as our Being and we have gone through the process of letting go of our previous external demands from life.

That doesn’t mean we do not get what we want now, it means all attachments are gone to WHAT THE results will be.

These are initiations, after all.

What are you holding on to? What concepts and beliefs are you not WILLING to let go of? Those may feel like the painful areas of life, because of the associated attachments to them.

A self perceived AGENDA of demand, does not enlightened make.

It is a letting go, a simplistic way of being that does not calculate how to get this or that.

Instead it is a return to the ORIGINAL state of Being.

That flows as the very freedom of the ONE that has let go, as enlightenment is.

With all the grandiose of ideas of what that may look like, it is astounding in its naturalness. It appears hidden, to those who search for more.

Yet it always is, no matter what one wants.

No matter how hard the battle to let go.

It is your Original state of Being, it is inherent in your DNA.

Activated or not it is there, it is within you.

Merging the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine, we now receive, the awareness of our natural state of Being Human ~ Beings.

Of Planet Earth.

Of Original Light.

Our Divine Ascended God Self ~ Being.

Since the first civilization and NOW, We ARE ~ the very breath, the very flow of that Natural Pure State.

That is it! Anything added to that are beliefs and ideas…..let us now enter the BEGINNING once again.

And So it is! Divinely, blissfully, the flow. The birth…the life, the Light ~ the GLORY and Love. As is now.



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