Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – Lions Gate Eclipse – 8-8-18


Published on Jul 27, 2018

Lions Gate portal begin on July 26th 2018 this was the beginning of the red Cosmic Moon year a new Galactic Year. From July 26th to August 8th we have massive Transmissions from Sirius B, the galactic center, Arcutus transmission station and our Sun. Our sun is a Stargate and through this portal we are receiving energy directly through our Sun from higher dimensions and higher dimensional beings emitting Transmissions through the Stargate point. Different Vortex points all over Earth will be activated over this next week. You will see the number 144 or many ones and fours as this is integrating Consciousness directly connected to the fifth time dimensional frequency through synchronistic order by activating different hemispheres in the brain imprinting this information within the unconscious mind. We are in the midst of a heart chakra Purge in full chakra system activation through this total lunar eclipse. This is getting you ready for your heart chakra to be fully opened with the Lions Gate eclipse an order for you to be able to hold the new light and frequency coming in to co-create New Earth into the new grid system. this heart chakra opening is preparing you for a massive wave of energy coming in October after fall equinox.



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