God’s New Series – Heavenletter #6381 – We Sail the Highest Seas – 7-16-18

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God said:

Beloved, messages are sent out around the clock. That is, I send out messages on many frequencies out of the realm of time. Nevertheless, I am well-known for the depth of My Silence. You and I are One engaged in rapport. We also simply hold hands for the joy of it. We abound in friendship and exhilaration as the Sun meets the day. We love to engage in Oneness. We are inevitably One. As One, We hail from the same country of origin. Isn’t this beautiful! Who could have thought of such an idea and live it!

Let’s look deeper at this. It is no small thing to be a human Being on Earth, nor is it a small thing to be a God. That I exist and you as One exist within Me – this is no small potatoes. I give you good passage. I offer you hopscotch across the Earth or a dance across the Earth with Me by your side and I with you by My side to Our One Heart’s content. Our existence isn’t about a bicycle built for two. We are about Oneness rising by One Heart. We have one ticket always good for Infinity. There is no such thing as a shortage. Infinity is ongoing. Hop on! Come away with Me.

Feel My hand on your heart. Feel My hand! Feel Beautiful Oneness as it steadies and balances itself. Whether Oneness sits on the surface of Earth or Oneness jumps over the Moon – One tremulous Heart beats and never runs out.

If you want to know what forever means, this is it! We continue as One forever and ever. You don’t have to put a period at the end of this sentence which is as ongoing as Oneness. There is no tearing us apart. Oneness is Oneness. Oneness doesn’t get patched up. We are already established in Oneness. Yet in the world, there is a consideration given to an impression of something thought of as otherness.

One Universe means One Universe, One Unity is One. There is no being out of the fold. There are no seams. There is no stitching. No mending the One! Walls may require mending. We are seamless. We are bonded as One. We are wedded. You and I are wedded. Oneness arises from Oneness.

Never were We a duo. We have never been anything but One. This is the whole story. This is it! The story isn’t over. Infinite is Infinite. No break is asked from Our story, whatever for?

When We – the One of Us – share the same language at birth, why ask for a translation? What would this be about prayers being asked for without cease? There are no prayers to ask for. What can be asked for that could be greater than what has always been initiated as One?

Would you go on an egg hunt when you already have a golden egg?

You don’t seek a treasure island to live on when you already live on an optimum treasure island.

Does a waiter put his hand out for a tip when he was just given a big one?

Who asks for a second cab when the first arrives at his front door?

What prince seeks for his princess’ foot to fit a silver slipper on when she is already wearing silver slippers?

We are One signed, sealed, and delivered. Always Oneness has been One. Oneness arrived from the first instance as arisen. There are no seals that have to be stamped. Of course not, absolutely not. Never were there borders to pass. Together as One, We sail the High Seas. We continue. We surpass the heights of waves from the beginning, even as no beginning was there really to hatch from. Forever I have always been Oneness Oneness Oneness…

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