POLONA AUREA DAWN – Ascension Update – Magnetization of Life Force – Illumined Unions – 7-6-18


Published on Jul 6, 2018

Dear Ascension Pioneers! Welcome to a new energetic month of July and my Ascension update! This is a time of deep inner shifts and external changes in our lives. We are heading towards major new chapters and Divine Unions. I have recently channeled a Gateway of Avatars of illumined Union as a vision of illumined partnership offered to me by Holy Spirit. AVATARS OF ILLUMINED UNION GATEWAY, COSMIC BELOVED COURSE & BELOVED MUSIC CD: http://serapina-light.blogspot.si/p/t… This is a 1-hour long journey and Light activation of Divine remembrance of our illumined state of Being. It is one of the most sacred and profound channelings and visions I have ever received. It is a sacred offering for the initiated Ones and all who feel they are on a journey of Divine Union and sacred devotional partnership within illumination. This is the holiest of Unions and it’s meant to hold the level of the Holy Spirit expression of Life and sacred embodiment. The Gateway addresses the higher Creation purpose and mission of the Avatars of illumined Union as we move through different ages or Eras of precession in the evolutionary journey of the Soul. It gives an example of Yeshua & Magdalene as Avatars of illumined Union for the Age of Pisces and explains what we are Now integrating as a collective before moving into the New Age of Aquarius. This is a profound inner awakening and healing journey of Divine remembrance with Light codes of deep knowing within illumined Truth. It includes a profound Light activation to activate the template of the inner illumined Beloved.
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