They’re Here. They’re Here – Update on the Arcturian Lightship – by Steve Beckow – 7-8-18



As many of you know, there’s an Arcturian lightship parked about halfway up the western sky from me.

I’m here on Canada’s West Coast. It’s visible from about 8:00 Pacific Time until it disappears below the horizon.

I checked it out with Michael and Sanat Kumara and both confirm its identity. It’s here just to show the flag, but no one mentions it anywhere.

It’s thousands of miles away and yet it’s the brightest object in the evening sky.

The interesting thing about these two photos is that you’ll notice that there is nothing else visible in the sky but the lightship (see black arrow, upper left photo).

In other words, this object outshines all others probably by an order of magnitude and yet no one says a word about it – no TV program on it, no spot on the news, the newspaper, online.

How can such a blatant challenge to the astronomical profession go unnoticed?

How can the folks who have expensive systems designed to warn us of a possible asteroid impact not pick up on a stationary object which is the brightest to the naked eye (never mind the expensive equipment)?  They could see it driving to work. Are they asleep at the switch?

Why is no one racing to have the object named after them – Beckow2018?

This is not like, gee, whiz, I missed it. Shucks, I never get to see anything.

There it is every night, for all to see. Just look out your west-facing window.

They’re here! They’re here!

How come when I say it, no one gives a hoot? Who needs to say it to kick this thing off?

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  1. Wow! I wish I could go there and do a special live broadcast!! Madam Firestone for Universal Broadcasting Network, Prepare a press conference, disclosure and dinner, RSVP only, of course.


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