rysa5 – Great Awakening Q Angels of the Golden Sun = Promise of Humanity – 6-27-18


Published on Jun 27, 2018

Great Awakening Q Angels of the Golden Sun = the power of the GoldRing Game was to awaken the higher mind into the first stages of interdimensional telepathy to engage the unseen into awareness. The group mind of humanity is being activated by the group mind… lol activations — this was produced in 2007 created in 2006 … fundamentally the transformations have been difficult to predict with the force of the dark being so pervasive and fixed. The time of this awareness of leadership is engaging a new point or destination and that being of unity and prosperity with freedom and security. This will allow the galactic renaissance to begin as the true arts and sciences of aquarian equality and philosophy will refine, educate and free the hardened heart to the quest of excellence and happiness, enlightenment, bliss and wisdom for all.



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  1. Tracy, this video wraps up how new Earth will be operating. I can feel it. Life is changing and changing fast Listen and then u know we have to practice to live from our heart center. That’s why it is important to eliminate everything that does not serve.

    We r so close. Waite to the end of summer and then reflect where we where at the beginning. We r on an amazing journey.

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