THE EVENT CHRONICLE – Revolutionary Thoughts That Will Help You Improve Yourself To A Whole New Level – by Life Code Coach – 5-30-18

9 Revolutionary Thoughts That Will Help You Improve Yourself To A Whole New Level


By Life Coach Code

We have come to the pont in time where more and more people are embracing new ideas, thoughts, or concepts that can revolutionize their lives.

These radical thoughts are very helpful in our quest for growth and self improvement.

If you want to grow to be your best self, then you may use these thoughts as tools in changing your life and be the best self you can ever be.

1. You are not your thoughts

Your thoughts are shaped by your experiences, environment, and life situations.

Your mind works based on how you perceive and interpret things but it doesn’t define who you are.

Whatever you perceive, you are not that thing because you’re only the observer of it.

2. Your life is lived in the now moments

All throughout your life you’re faced with the present, the past, and the future. But in the real sense, you’re only living in the now moment.

The concept of a past or future only robs you of living in the present.

When you take care of your present day situation, you don’t need to worry about the past or the future.

3. You will find satisfaction in life when you know how to control your moments

By facing every challenge that comes with the moment, you’re able to control how your life goes.

When you’re doing things that aren’t working against your will, life is more satisfying and fulfilling.

That’s how you find real satisfaction, by realizing that you always have the power to choose how you react, not the moments themselves.



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