BEVERLY NATION – The Event is Here – Evidence in the Sky – 5-16-18


Published on May 11, 2018

Beverly Nation discusses national headline news items about strange phenomenon in the sky as reported on at
She also discusses the structure of the universe such as the creator of our universe named Infinity (also Sophia and Goddess of All Creation) and the 144 oversouls.
Beverly explains how our oversoul benefits from all our experiences. She reads parts of Neo Glimmer’s ascension codes and explains how they fit together. She also discusses aspects of our new life on Nova.
Video with Neo Glimmer & Jim Girouard about the new codes:
Video with the first set of ascension codes done by Marina Jacobi and Neo Glimmer:
The PDF with the codes can be found in the description of this video. Direct link to the ascension codes.
Download the PDF and read them aloud or better yet, copy them by hand…write them. That is what my guides told me.
This is the first set of codes. To donate to Neo Glimmer,
please send by Paypal to



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