GEORGI STANKOV, CARLA THOMPSON – Elohim, the Blue Crystalline Beings of Light – Ascension in April – New 5D Earth, Created in Northern Italy – Fully Anchored in the Infinity Field of the New Golden Galaxy – Arrival of the New Sun, Red Giant – April 13th Game Changer – Massive Cleansing of All Human Chakras – Integration of Soul Fragments – 4-24-18

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Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, April 24, 2018


Georgi Stankov

We are already three weeks in Italy and so much has happened on the energetic front according to the motto of the higher realms: ” plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” (the more it changes, the more it stays the same; Pardon my agnostic French!). There is only one tiny question that is left – for how long?

Let me put it straight forward – we are only reporting energetic events that we personally experience and then get a confirmation from our higher sources. In the last months we have been receiving information from both the Elohim and the Blue Crystalline Beings of the Light. Both groups of entities are higher versions of ourselves as incarnated Elohim souls and Logos Gods since 2013 when we fully ascended and created the new 5D earth. Everything we report here is based on previous reports and messages published on this website and proves the seamless light work we as the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) and light warriors of the first and the last hour have being doing for so many years. If humanity has reached the actual threshold of final ascension, this is entirely due to the dedicated energetic contribution of the PAT, the captain of which I am proud to be.

Everything that we report below must be seen in the light of our past achievements as the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) based on a clear scientific explanation of the actual ascension steps in the light of the true nature of Energy = All-That-Is according to the new science of the Universal Law.

In the last five years we have reported on numerous occasions that we are building the new city of light New Raetia over the Alps in Central Europe. I got first this information in 2006 – 2007 when I saw with my third eye the city of light extending above the gentle hills in the countryside north of Munich where I used to drive on a horse gig in the empty landscape. This was possible notwithstanding the astounding proximity to the frenzy of the city of Munich, as if I had transcended into earlier centuries where no cars and other combustion driven vehicles existed and transport was entirely based on horses and other domestic animals.

I mention that at this place in order to stress the simultaneity of all incarnation timelines as this is a central topic of all warriors of the first and the last hour who are now integrating all their incarnated fragments from past and even future timelines on the cusp of our final ascension to 5D and higher dimensions, where these aspects of our souls and oversouls must be fully incorporated in the new multidimensional “Me”.

The new city of light New Raetia will not only be the key spiritual, healing and technological centre on the new 5D earth because I have been building it around the Infinity Portal in Freising as an Elohim soul and nexus to the Source since 2001, but because this geographic part of the planet harbours the biggest conglomeration of old and ripe souls who have had thousands of lives on this planet and are now waiting impatiently for the final ID shift in order to finish with their incarnation ordeal and return home for ever.

Only the other day when we sat in a cafe at the port and watched the Italians who visited the market place on Sunday, we were struck by how tired and worn out they all looked. We felt so much compassion for them. At that very moment AA Michael came to us and spoke for the first time although he has been around us for many years:

“All these incarnated souls are so tired of their numerous lives on this planet that they can barely await their ascension. That is why you are here as this is the land from where ascension will take place as it has taken place many times in the past.”

We had already this information from the Elohim and the Blue Crystalline Beings of the Light as you can read below, and at that moment we knew that AA Michael meant previous incarnation experiments that ended with ascension, for which there are no records in the annals of human history.

The creation of New Raetia has been for a very long time my personal achievement, at a time when nobody in the New Age knew or spoke of the cities of light. In 2013 when Carla visited me in Germany, we walked in the fields in the countryside where I lived and she was transferred all of a sudden in a lively city of light in the middle of the lonely rural landscape and could witness first hand the busy streets and citizens of this crystalline 5D city. At that time she had a strong connection to Adama from Agartha (of which Telos is one small city) and we were accompanied by the Council of Twelve during our walks in the fields. We also received some more information about the city of light New Raetia and that, with the arrival of Carla, this creation was heaved to a completely new energetic level.

New Raetia is closely connected to the Infinity Portal in Freising which I established since 2001 when I moved to this area. There are three infinity portals on this planet – the second one is located in White Rock, Vancouver, Canada, on the border to the USA and extends in the meantime to Mt. Baker and even further south. It is also connected to the crystalline grid under the Rocky Mountains and the mountain ranges along the West coast, east and north of Vancouver, some of which are known as the Cascades.

This second Infinity portal was created initially by Carla and our friend Julia who is also an incarnated Elohim soul. However, as it needed my masculine energies from the Source I had to come to Vancouver in early 2014 and since then we not only expanded this Infinity portal many times in territory and raised significantly its vibrational levels but also began to create the new city of light in North America, known as New Lemuria. It will be the spiritual, cultural and technological centre for North America when the matrix fully collapses in the coming days.

Please observe that both cities of light could only be created within the two Infinity Portals that exist on this planet. Last Christmas and New Year, Carla was urged to travel to South America, to Ecuador, and establish the light foundation for the third city of light Nova Terra over the Andes. A third Infinity portal is in the making around this city of light after Carla’s visitation and there are some powerful light workers who live in this area and keep its vibrations high and steady.

All these creations have been reported in real time on this website and are a precious chronicle of the light work we are doing for many years. I will refrain from giving you links to these reports as I expect from now on from my readers a maximal personal engagement in expanding their knowledge and understanding of the ongoing ascension process as an individual endeavour.




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