SANDRA WALTER @ Ascension Path – Crossing the Crystalline Bridges – by LAKSHMI AMRITA EL DAOUD – 4-19-18

Crossing the Crystalline Bridges: Part Three Apr 19, 2018

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Lower reality structures dissolve as the higher realities

of Christ/Unity/Crystalline consciousness are embodied.

Right here, right now,

the platforms of Old Earth realities are fading.

The effect on the collective consciousness is palpable;

5D/7D/9D anchoring within Gaia and the High-Vibe  …

via Crossing the Crystalline Bridges: Part Three – Sandra Walter @ Ascension Path — ♥ LAKSHMI AMRITA EL DAOUD ♥ DIVINE CONSORT TO EL DAOUD


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