NEW ZORRA CALL – What is happening ? – Antarctica, Pole Shift, Cabal Arrests – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame – 4-15-18


Zorra, of Hollow Earth


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ZORAYA: How is everyone doing with all these energies coming in ? I know myself is definitely building in level and momemtum. I find myself definitely being downloaded, if you will. So it’s really, really been good.

JANE: And how does that FEEL like Zoraya for you when say being downloaded ?

ZORAYA: Downloading in information, you know coming from my Father and the GALACTIC FEDERATION and things like that. They keep saying PREPARE, prepare, prepare. O.K. O.K. O.K. I got the MESSAGE I got the message already so yeah. I would say yeah and I am preparing of course just like everyone else should be doing.

JANE: And how are you preparing ? HOW are you preparing for this ?

ZARAYA: HOW AM I PREPARING ? WELL mentally I am quieting myself to the point where I can HEAR what’s being said by the Galactic Federation. And I noticed at night MY DREAM STATE is sort of like picking-up momemtum too. What I mean by that is I am starting to have dreams, like you have when you are a kid and everything seems real but when you wake-up it don’t seem so real. But other than that, how am I preparing, well I do get a chance to get out to MOTHER NATURE when you are outside, not stay inside all the time, of course we do that and I do that when we go to excercise at the gym. So it’s just a …,

JANE: Can I ask ? So I understand you downloading and being MORE open in your HEART-MIND.

ZARAYA: And SEEING, also look around YOU  just look around you when you go outside, the colors are more vibrant than they were in the past and everything seems more alive. A lot of people don’t really notice Mother Nature that much but you can’t help but take notice of it because it’s all around you.  And the BIRDS seem happier, the squirrels are jumping all over the place, the rabbits are jumping all over the place. And, like our backyard, there’s a fence between us and the Golf course sometimes I go out there and I see a golf ball in the backyard, with but as far as mother nature, its seems MORE ALIVE and you NOTICE it more. I guess that pretty well sums it up and.. EVERYONE else at one degree or another should be feeling the same thing. MORE VIBRANT colors when your outside even when your driving you can’t help but look around and when you look around all the colors are very vibrant, very bright. The SUNNY days are SUNNY, I look up in the SKY, I don’t see any ah, contrails at all, so it’s a wonderful day, he he ha !

JANE: [LAUGHING] O.K. that’s beautiful, one of the things I wanted to bring-up is, people as I know that we do have some NEW people that are listening as well is that when we are sometimes driving around is that the TREES talk to you a lot. so…,

ZARAYA: They have a lot to say.

JANE: So most recently what have they said to you ?

ZARAYA: Well in essence they are saying the same thing,  OPEN UP your MINDS, OPEN UP to possibilities that there is MORE that is what if going on than meets the eye. That MOTHER NATURE is sending a message to everyone, that times are much better, going to be much better. And WAKE-UPbecause THE CREATOR is also sending a message and of course MOTHER NATURE is getting it BEFORE the PEOPLE DO and then inform the birds…

JANE: And WHY is that ?

ZARAYA: Well because they are more receptive than people are and so naturally they will get the message before man does, that is why they are happy, seem to be happy. And of of course we should be doing the same thing. You shouldn’t be listening to all the negative propaganda on youtube saying negative things, because that’s their ROLE to bring FEAR to PEOPLE.


{I don’t, I take record of some of it as I said I would, but I don’t let it lower my vibration, I just record it, so we can see where humanity is at and because I promised to take a record it for progress.} {This is why I avoid the OLD scare ILLUMINATI CRAP as they don’t SCARE US anymore as we have moved past those issues} Back to the INTERVIEW. I stopped recording this at around @ 16 minutes into this interview.


I started again when ZORRA COMES THROUGH @ 23 minutes

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