SIERRA BENDER – What is the Meaning of Life? – by Excellence Reporter – 4-3-18

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As a child I would ask that simple yet complex question to myself all the time. I would look into the mirror at my golden brown cat eyes, my athletic tall Goddess Warrior™ body and see the depth of my soul. I would ask myself why am I here, who am I? What is my purpose here? Why did you give me all this if those around me do not understand and fear it? I felt lost but always knew my connection to Spirit was my source and savior.

These questions where answered for me after dying from bleeding to death and coming back to life, to find what I already knew inside of me, what Spirit has given all of us. The power of choice, the power to dig deep into our souls and pull forth what is already inside of us waiting to unleash: to possess the possible and work to our true potential.

And although some of us have harder paths then others, our soul’s work is to understand the power of choice and how each choice we can be either victorious and courageous or victimized and compromised. It is the power and intelligence of Self-Love.



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