LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Cosmic Multi-Dimensional LightBody Quantum Energy Reports – 4-3-18


The whole day upon waking till sleep was “boom, boom, boom”, back-to-back shifts, whammying us and each experiencing however their own body/reality felt/experienced this. I share as we shift, so each understands and can identify how ALL is a part of “this” and for making it easier for the ego to surrender/let go and honor these advanced DNA activations and immense light codes as they come through (from within). This is just one of the energy updates & comments, with tons more on my FB page, if you want to read them. I may post a few extras below this embedded post too. ♥


Cosmic Ray(diation) Increases inside to “kill off” those old programs. Yes, these can bring nausea, live foods don’t work until after the integration process is complete (often next day). (Carbs usually work though). These help with deep cellular cleansings… honor your body/you. These are working deeeeeeeeep through everything to clear out old “debris”. Old unconscious programs (guilt, blame, shame, fear, judgment and more) will be activated to purify the body (and physical

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