VERA INGEBORG – Ego Transformation – The Return of the Divine Masculine

Ego Transformation – The Return of the Divine Masculine



Since January 1, we are experiencing an acceleration of the energies. The fast moving, direct, sharp and “merciless” Divine Masculine has arrived. This energy is really something to get used to. The days of just going our own speed and floating around are over. Free will based on ego needs has no chance to resist this energy. We are confronted with the old immature masculine patterns. The triggers are intense, yet different to how we experienced it when we were healing the old feminine wounds. We are preparing for full embodiment of the sacred union within.


Frustration, anger, disappointment and a feeling of inner resistance are common these days. We might not like the idea, but they are blame and judgment in disguise. This is how the immature masculine within us reacts to what we see happening around us. The old masculine patterns of aggression, control, protection, manipulation and “needing to solve it all” are all called out now. The triggers we receive now are mainly dealing with guilt and shame and missing boundaries. It is the masculine part of the fear of not being good enough. It asks a lot of honesty towards ourselves to see where we still carry those fears played out by our ego. We need to become our best careful observer.


Honesty with ourselves

Where do I still feel I need to solve problems for others or myself? Where do I push myself onto others with my own methods and truth without them asking for help or support? Where do I still feel I need to save others or myself? Where do I make myself small and compromise myself to protect others from pain and myself from feeling guilty? Where do I still judge and blame others or myself for the situation I am in? Where am I still trying to manipulate others or myself to react in a way I want? Where am I still feeling I need to convince others or myself? Where do I still get frustrated or annoyed when someone or myself is “not getting it”? Where do I still make outside circumstances responsible for my own situation? Where do I still have expectations towards others or myself? Where do I still try to control the flow instead of trusting it? Where am I still impatient and want to put things into action before they are ready? Where am I still dividing the world into right and wrong, black and white, spiritually correct or not? Where do I still judge others or myself to be not ready and still having to reach something? Where do I still create a certain dogma or belief of “this is the only way to do it right”? Where do I still support the system of fear, victimhood and duality? Where am I still going against my truth, not expressing what I truly want and instead make it right for others? Where do I still compromise with myself? Where do I still feel others or myself have to reach something to be enlightened/whole/awakened etc.? Where do I get impatient with myself and others?

“Going against our essence becomes downright unbearable and painful.”

All of these questions lead us to the unhealthy masculine programming still running in our own body and system. It is uncomfortable to have to face another round of releasing. But this energy is relentless, and we have no choice but to surrender at some point. Simply because going against our essence becomes downright unbearable and painful. Empowerment is where we are taken into. That does not only mean to empower ourselves, it also means to learn to stop to take the power away from others. Whether we are trying to solve someone else’s problems, to avoid someone’s pain, to control or manipulate to reach a certain outcome etc. We and everyone around us is pushed into ownership of the own energies. Being responsible for our own experience and journey. All of these questions above help us to find what wants attention within. The beauty of this new energy is that transformation goes really fast once we see the mirror. We have the power of choice. What is still serving our experience, and what can we just shift our focus away from to release and delete it from our reality field.

Letting go of the “have to reach”

A lot of us are facing situations now where we have to deal with guilt and shame and the fear of being a failure and the fear of being used. The feeling of not being able to take this any longer and not being able to do the job we came here for. Becoming impatient with humanity, becoming frustrated with all these masculine still going in circles and not seeing the new way yet, being annoyed of the momentary chaos and feeling it is all stuck, including us.

And that is exactly the mirror to look into and the pattern to let go of. We don’t have to reach anything. We can only feel stuck and impatient, when we feel we have to get somewhere. When we still experience lack. We are exactly where we need to be and we are always ready and whole. We don’t have to save the world. All we have to do is find our own inner balance and access to love and light that is always available. It is a question of being connected and aligned or not. We are here to shine our light for those that are ready to come into it. Again… lighthouses don’t run around trying to save ships.

“We don’t have to save the world. All we have to do is find our own inner balance and access to love and light that is always available.”

The immature masculine can only come out of this vicious cycle when we are transforming that energy and are no longer reacting in old masculine ways. We need to accept in ourselves what we see in those around us. That is what shifts it. And there is no need to push. The triggers and the releases come exactly at the right time. We don’t have to force ourselves to dissolve or transform something. Awareness of an imbalance and the mirror is enough. The rest will follow.


The new Earthly Masculine

Welcoming these triggers and the thoughts and emotions that come with it is supporting us in transforming the old masculine patterns into the new strong Divine masculine. The new earthly masculine, that commits, is courageous and rebellious, unconditionally from the heart, without any expectation of a certain outcome or a need to control or fight. The healthy masculine that sets boundaries out of self-love, not borders from fear. The one that knows exactly what he wants, expressing it with clear intentions. The strong new earthly masculine, that knows exactly when it is time to change and let go of old ways of working and relating. Also in our spiritual work we are asked to check whether we are still aligned with the new energies in terms of our mission and work. The Divine Earthly Masculine is not afraid to look into the mirror and through the mask into the core of authenticity. He is not afraid to share that with others.

“Although the Divine Masculine is a fast energy with focus and action, he respects the Divine Feminine and her balancing part of patience and nurturing.”

Although the Divine Masculine is a fast energy with focus and action, he respects the Divine Feminine and her balancing part of patience and nurturing. The two are now preparing to dance the perfect dance within all of us. In this time of outer turmoil, where everything is accelerating, stillness and slowing down is key to check in with our deepest core essence. What are our own body, mind and soul giving us in terms of impulses to follow? Where do we still feel resistance? That is exactly where we need to look into, accept and experience it to find our answers and relief.

It is not easy to admit, and to see the patterns in the mirror presented to us. We need to be downright honest with ourselves. We are the ones we are waiting for. Once more, we are asked to drop the protective masks we are still wearing that had served to hide our vulnerability, which we mistakenly had been defining as our biggest weakness. Now we are learning that it is our biggest strength and once we drop that mask, once we accept ourselves and everyone else the way they are and where they are in their journey, once we share our true authentic vulnerable self, including our shadows, we discover the immense connecting and co-creative power of vulnerability. We are now establishing the missing link to allow the perfect divine, sacred dance within us and sharing and connecting it with those around us: The embodiment of sacred union.



The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you.

With lots of love, Vera Ingeborg


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