DUANE:    This interview of Angela involves a communication telepathically with her son Christopher, who transitioned to a higher realm and had important news of humanity’s ascension to  share with us.  This is our story, happening now   –   an emotional account of how Heaven is getting ready to handle OUR transition coming in the first quarter of 2018.  ( Check out Allison Coe’s QHHT sessions. ) 

NOTE:  the update video has 4 brief statements by Christopher, in the very beginning. The remainder is chat.

Published on Jan 17, 2018

Extraordinary message about the future delivered from a loved one that passed away. My Guest Angela lost her son Christopher when he was only 26, a few months later when she was just about to drift off to sleep he visited her telepathically. This happened on several occasions throughout 2017, each time he gave her information about the other side; coming world and cosmic events, deep state take down and clean up, Ascension to new earth, planet Nibiru, UFOs, life after we leave this physical plain and more. Join us on this fascinating exploration of what the near future has in store, a beautiful message of hope, compassion and Love, you will most certainly be delighted. We need to prepare ourselves for what’s to come, meditate daily, practice love and compassion for all. Sand mandala: Tibetan Buddhist ritual PLEASE PARTICIPATE IF YOU ARE AFFECTED BY M.E. THE OFFICIAL M.E. MAP OF THOSE AFFECTED® Jason Kristofer Map with currently collected data: https://mapmaker.nationalgeographic.o… __________________________ Twitter @shanecornell

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