NYOKA @ Blue Lyre Blog – ET Disclosure and Cosmic Consciousness – Steps to Integration – 2-6-18

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Disclosure has been a hot topic within the Spiritual community for many years and now we are coming into an era where cosmic consciousness, ET consciousness, is finding its way into the mainstream. We are experiencing a kind of collective initiation as more and more people start to connect with ETs and with that, multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves.


ET consciousness and ET guides differ from Spirit guides in that they are physical beings too. They represent a different type of life and different aspects of consciousness. As we connect with these beings, what the “other side” looks like becomes less and less ambiguous. The “other side” now, quite literally, has dimension.

Why is ET/Cosmic Consciousness so important? Because we incarnate on many different planets, worlds, and galaxies beyond Earth. Focusing solely on Earth and our Earthly incarnation is living in an ego-centric reality. Once you start connecting with ET beings and your ET guides, you will start to realize that some of these beings are actually you, they are your consciousness in a different timeline.

Information about ETs has been a tightly held secret for so long not because the government and the antagonistic forces both inside and outside of it do not want us to know that they exist— they know that we already know that. They don’t want us to realize who we really are, our origins, that we were seeded on this Earth as a conglomerate of highly-evolved ET races capable of wondrous and magnificent things. What becomes of a person who begins connecting and understanding the ET/Cosmic aspects of their consciousness? They now have a truth detector. They no longer need to be told the information about our origins or who we are because they can literally see any aspect of time or consciousness themselves.

When it comes to disclosure …



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