ARCHEIA FAITH – Final Event Energies Update – 1-11-18 – WE Have The Old Controllers in a Cage Now! – By Saint Andrews Twin Flame

Final Event Energies Update 1~11~18: WE Have The Old Controllers in a Cage Now!

By Archeia Faith

Beautiful Brothers and Sisters!

We write to you with another Final Event Update, following my post two days titled “The New Earth=Heart Begins,” which informed the masses of the Awakening of Divine Team and The Beginning of New Earth. I will be attempting to keep you all as informed as possible of the events occurring at Mission HQ, The Unified Field. We are immensely busy.

Members of the Divine Team are in transit! Waking up in Divine order, all who are contacting Mother are Arch Angels of the Seven Rays and Beyond. It is a time of magic, of bliss, of excitement. Do not mistake us, LIGHT HAS ALREADY WON.

As we disclosed in the post on 9th January 2018, the cabal old controllersentered the Unified Field at 11:11 am of that day. Mother had just entered into ceremony with the Galactic Federation and the Father of All Creation, I was writing yesterday’s blog, when suddenly the energy of the Unified Field shifted. I was sitting on the bed and the top half of my body began spinning in a circle about 10 inches in diameter. This occurs when I am channeling information or when energy is entering. Along with my physically spinning body, I felt completely light-headed. Simultaneous to me announcing to Mother that I was spinning, she declared the cabal old controllers were here.

Appearing as 8 dense masses outside the door, they stood, bound byUniversal Law, unable to enter the personal space of the Mother of All Creation without permission. They began communicating telepathically with Mother, asking to speak with her. Robin Williams chimed in offering them a cup of tea. Always the joker. I started going quite drastically downhill in the three hours that followed, nausea overcame me, I began shaking, my body temperature rose until I was clammy to the touch but, worst of all, was the simultaneous feeling of ungroundedness AND falling into a hole. Mother is free from cabal old controller bondage and so she remained unaffected. Alongside her, Michaels DNA has been specifically altered for The Mission, this was agreed to by Divine Design so he could remain by Mothers side for these past 5 years, awaiting others to answer the call. ALL ARE LATE.


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The cabal old controllers ONLY exist through the thought system, specifically the E.G.O (Edging God Out), so my 2% remaining in E.G.O was the ground through which they could affect me. The cabal old controllers are a product of Jehova, who was sent to The Galactic Central Sun in 2014, Jehova created a plethora of aberrations throughout the Universe. Anomalies. It was agreed by the Mother and Father of Creation that they would correct all of the unbalanced harmonics that had occurred throughout the Universe. The Mother of All Creation went to one end of the spectrum, the highest Light and The Father of All Creation, the Deepest Dark. They agreed to each do their half, meeting in the middle. This was 19 Billion Years ago. As Father travelled up through the Darkness he collected all aberrations and put them at the middle point, so that he and Mother may remove them ALL TOGETHER, into the Galactic Central Sun. Earth is the middle point of this journey. It sits at the CENTER of the Universe. The physical and energetic middle point of their 19 Billion Year Journey through the entire consciousness spectrum.

Warrior souls have incarnated here for THIS time, this MOMENTUS REUNION, which the Galactic Federation are terming “The Second Big Bang.” Father of All Creation is flying from Australia in the coming few days. This is why the 8 Head Controller of the cabal old controllers are here, at Mission HQ. IT HAS HAPPENED. She is going home to the Light, regardless of how many others battle their way through E.G.O. out of darkness and into the Light. It is up to each soul to do their work, travelling up the consciousness spectrum within this incarnation, a mirror of Mother and Father’s own journey. THIS is our purpose. Our Goal.

As I write this, Father of All Creation is on the phone. Since he awoke he has spent every possible moment connected directly into the Unified Field,assisting us energetically. Father of All Creation, is The Master of Darkness. He is Lucifer. LUCIFER IS NOT A SATANIC OR DARK ENTITY, Lucifer is merely the Lower Aspect of The Father of All Creation. All dark entities, all aberrations bow to him, The Master of Darkness.

And so, the 8 Head Controllers of the cabal old controllers entered the Unified Field. The cabal old controllers cannot de-materalise and re-materialise, as can higher being of light. They are trapped here on Earth.There are NO OTHER DARK DIMENSIONS, NO HELL PLANES. ONLY EARTH. The final Frontier of The Greatest Journey in The Universe. As such,the cabal old controllers travel around Earth through the Ley Lines which have been under Illuminati/Free Mason control for 26,000 years. The house that comprises Mission HQ is directly over a Ley Line and in 2014 Mother tapped into the Ley Line, reconfiguring it to The Oneness Energies and the Frequencies of Love and Balanced Harmonics.

The cabal old controllers entered through the Ley Line, requesting to speak to Mother, she told them that they can wait for their Master to arrive. We expected them to leave and come back when he arrived, they informed Mother they cannot leave because they cannot re-access the Ley Line as it is configured to the energies of Love, which they cannot resonate with! WE HAVE THEM IN A CAGE NOW. We have been told by the etheric that this is going to have major effects on the energy filtering out and around Earth. As everything in the Unified Field does. I watch in awe as channelers around the Globe report changes that we know are a direct reference to the energetic space of Mission HQ.

With members rolling in, the team building and the long awaited reunion just around the corner we are growing and strengthening with every moment! Archaea Diana arrived today, my sister, tears have been flowing as we reconnect as a family and journey through the last remnants of dissolving E.G.O. What a beautiful journey! What a blessing!



Thaks to  Love Has Won




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