STEVE HUTCHINSON – The Divine Qualities of Your Warrior Self – byAshtar Command Crew – 1-13-18

The Divine Qualities of Your Warrior Self By Steven Hutchinson

Below are some of the divine qualities of everyone’s Divine Warrior Self to reflect and contemplate on, and if you are divinely led to, ask God to activate and awaken them in you, and help you embody them.

Infinite Blessings of Love & Light to all of you,


* The ability to move & act beyond limitations while remaining centered in your Divine Self.

* The ability to remain in divine harmony with every human being and all of life.

* The ability to reflect and emanate the Love & Power of the Creator.

* The ability to courageously bring forth all of the divine qualities of your Warrior Self, your Soul, & The Creator… and recognize who you truly are … I Am a True Divine Expression of my Warrior Self and the Creator.  

* I Am the Love & Power of the Creator easily expressing through me with my every breath for the highest good of all.

Video: “Expand Your Consciousness & Let The Creator Manifest Fully Through You ! By Steven Hutchinson –






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