it’s closer than you think …

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2 thoughts on “it’s closer than you think …”

  1. No! Its much further away than we are being told. That is, if you are expecting to find yourself in a VASTLY different ( higher frequency) of reality.

    In much the same manner [ as the timely story we were told ] per how 2012 was going to unfold, the transformation part of our enlightenment ( as a species ) is years away… and possibly several decades.

    This is obvious to those who are not relying on wishful thinking. Those.who have not deluded themselves with the same ‘channeled’ information that gave us the 2012 timeline info. Even COBRA says that we are to expect ONLY the EVENT ( an awakening of consciousness) not a massive transformation of mankind.

    The most serious change we are likely to experience soon…is the lower frequency ‘beings’ going nuts and finding it impossible to adjust. And that may not be a comfortable situation at all. Not given how they are likely to react to loosing their mind.

    And please do not tell us that the Galactic Federation is going to save us… they are not involved on that level. We are going to have to manage THAT situation as best as we are able.

    I agree that the EVENT will arrive sooner rather than later … and that life as we know it will gradually change over the next several years (or more likely decades) as we ready ourselves for the TRANSFORMATION.


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