A NOT SO NEW BELIEF SYSTEM – Are you ready for Heaven? – by Nemisis @ Rumor Mill News – 12-21-17

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You die; you get born again. Why?

Because your ethereal body has absorbed and taken on the tendencies–the likes and dislikes–of your physical body (yes, the likes and dislikes, NOT just the likes).

After death, it does not matter that your conscious ethereal mind does not want to return to earth. After death, your conscious mind can think whatever it wants, but it is over-ruled by the NATURE of your ethereal body–the nature you have become.

How do you avoid coming back to earth?


You neither like nor dislike anything on earth. You accept the reality that is life. You receive all of life with thankfulness.

How is that possible? (the answer is further down)

While alive on earth, you rule with your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the power-house of your reality.

After death, your conscious mind is no longer the power-house or the ruler, instead, what you have become, the tendencies of your ethereal body are the power and the ruler of you.

Thought is powerful. However, more powerful is what your thoughts created in you, the persona you have become. The nature you have made of your ethereal self.

So the secret is: What your thoughts have created, what you have actually become, is more powerful–in the after-life–than your thoughts.

Look at it this way:

You think you are a very nice, pleasant person. Then something happens and you react without thinking and discover you are not as nice as you thought you were. Your actions–the real you–are more powerful than what you thought you were.

So why is it valuable to not like or dislike anything that happens to you, and, to receive all things with thankfulness? AND TO ACTUALLY BE THAT WAY? TO BE THAT PERSON.

Because, in this life, when chit hits the fan and your peace is undisturbed, you are actually experiencing–literally responding–according to the way you ARE, and not according to who or what you think you are. Your reaction to your experiences is the real you here and now, not what you think–and so it is beyond life here.

To not return to the world you have to overcome the world. Or as the saying, be in the world but not of the world.

Now it might seem a stretch to say, “Do not like or dislike.” It’s not a stretch. It is fact. If you like or dislike what is in the world, you judge the world. By so doing you judge creation, and the “creator”.

What’s wrong with judging?

Considering you know very little, you are judging with that very little knowing, without knowing enough to judge accurately or truly.


“War is awful. War is hell. Murder, molestation, rape, and every crime, and lying and deceiving and everything else I consider awful is making life on earth hell. Why does ‘God’ allow it? This place sucks so much, even though there is a lot of good, there’s a lot of bad. Sometimes I hate this place.”

Your thoughts create unpleasantness inside you. You have imbued your ethereal body with the tendencies of irritation, upset, anger, rage, violence, madness. You are potential Helter-Skelter.

Which means, heaven better go your way, or you’ll make it into a hell. To go to heaven it might be of value to be heavenly before you get there. St. Peter ain’t standing at the gate just to have a cigarette.

Are you ready to enter a “heaven”? nem







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