SALLY PERKINS @ In5D – Managing Mercury Retrograde with Nature’s Balance – 12-12-17

Merury Retrograde

by Sally Perkins,   Guest writer,

With mercury now in retrograde, many are anticipating a period of spiritual imbalance for the next few weeks. Making sure you’re completely centered and in touch with your spiritual self is the best way to recognize when negative energies might be infringing throughout the retrograde. This period is particularly known for causing difficulties in communication, so focusing your energy on connections to nature, your loved ones and your values is the best way to stay spiritually focused during this trying astrological time.

Perspective and Balance

When small problems seem larger, time in nature is the best way to regain perspective on your life. Awakening spiritual health through nature and connection to the earth helps us focus and balance when we lose track of our values and intentions. A hike in the mountains, a walk by a river, or even just looking up at the sky reminds us of the vastness of the universe and how small our problems are by comparison. The world is much wider than we realize when we are focusing on our own difficulties, and meditating outdoors brings our focus to our beautiful natural surroundings instead of our close-minded, stressful lives. Even if we are aware of the vastness of the universe we inhabit, we are always guilty of failing to appreciate it. During a time of year where we are especially susceptible to imbalance and lost perspective, it is wise to spend extra effort to find scale for our concerns and put them in their proper context.

Protecting Your Energy

If those around you are bringing negative energy and harmful intentions into your life, escaping them to spend time in a balanced natural setting is sometimes necessary to protect your own wellbeing. During Mercury retrograde, things go wrong left and right, and mental energy spent on trying to predict or prepare for these inevitable stressors is energy wasted. Simply getting out of the way of people and situations that might turn sour is sometimes the best way to get through this tough time. While not all of us have the time or money to disappear into the woods for weeks at a time, planning little getaways, hikes, or nature-focused meditations can work towards the same end goal.

Focusing your energy inward not only reduces the number of places your energy is entangled, but it allows you to guiltlessly spend time on yourself and work on things that need attention. Perhaps you vow to sleep earlier each night, or eat only home-cooked nourishing foods. Little acts of care for yourself will not only keep you healthy during the retrograde, but make sure you’re ready to switch back on once it’s over.

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