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Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Sananda and I walk in the midst of you all now. I can see your work and I can see your sorrow and I can see your joy. There is much happening now, both within you and on the outside. Earth has started its process of transformation and things are shaken up a bit here and there. There are many who are tired now. The last portals with light that have opened up have a strong impact on your bodies. The same is true for the planetary body of Mother Earth. You rise in your frequencies. The body starts to vibrate in a different way and that which does not belong to this vibration is cleared out. New cells are constructed with a larger capacity to assimilate the higher vibration in your body. This can tax your stamina, but you adapt slowly but surely to the higher frequency in your bodies and it also impacts your senses. You become more conscious and responsive to what it is that is going on around you. You also get a clearer picture of your body and the abilities that you have. You are no longer just a body. You are body and soul with access to a higher heart and a higher mind. This changes the picture of your world fundamentally and a new approach to life is starting. You discover that everything is life and that you are a part of this life. It puts quite different demands on you – how you relate to Earth and your fellow humans. It does not work to continue as before. A change must take place. You are not asleep any longer, but you are conscious and awake.

The question that arises is: What can I do to change the world I live in? Feel free to have grand visions, but take small steps by small steps so that you do not become overwhelmed and everything falls flat. Consider that work is also done in your bodies and that the soul knows which steps you should take so that it becomes as good as possible. It is better to take small steps with great results than large steps with small results, or leading you to have to start all over again. You find yourselves in an intensive period of new creations on Earth and this is also reflected in your aura and your bodies. If you need to rest you should do that.

Follow your intuition and let the soul prepare the way for you. You need your strength and energy to move forward with yourselves. Your inner strength gives you an outer strength. You do not do much good if you do not have the force with you. Rest can sometimes be imperative and can give you the breakthrough that you were waiting for and worked for. Stillness is not just stillness. There is also a flow in the stillness. This flow can carry you far. It is in these still flows that the foundation is constructed for that which then rises up and that is manifesting almost by itself. How do you imagine that the new Earth is being constructed? Yes, from many still flows a flood is forming that is then emptying into the sea. This is what has happened with humanity now. That which has grown within the collective of humanity has now formed a flood that has grown ever mightier and is now approaching the sea.

Feel and understand that a new era is here dear children on Earth. You have opened up for a new life in light and love. There is another vibration in the air, in the ground, in the water and the sun is shining clearer and brighter than it has done for a long time. You are ascending now dear children on Earth. You are ascending with Mother Earth and your life is already starting to look a bit different. You discover more and more of your follow humans that wake up and follow their hearts. You are no longer alone. You are forming small or large flocks of fellowship. You share your light and your joy in the face of the new that now stands in front of you. You spread your seeds of light and the flood grows larger and larger. You have succeeded with turning darkness to light and we are so proud of you happy for your sake.

You have a bright future in front of you and the applause for what you have just achieved sound like thunder in Heaven.

I love you so dearly and walk by your side now.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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