NANCY B DETWILER – Music as a means of Comfort, Encouragement, and Guidance in these Troubled Times – 11-13-17

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We have now embarked on a time of fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy in Luke 8:17 – “For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.”  (New Living Translation)

There are and will be a variety of responses; it will be a time of trauma and disbelief for many, especially as we learn of the horrors which the children have been forced to endure.

Each of us chose to incarnate at this time to assist in our own way in bringing forth the New Golden Age of Aquarius–an Age characterized by familial love for all people, world peace, and prosperity for all.  When humans first arrived on planet Earth, we came because we wanted to evolve spiritually within an environment of duality–good and evil.  The goal was to learn to transform evil into good.

For example, we are presently learning about the rampant Pedophilia that has characterized our societies.  The question we confront is:  How can we transform this situation in order to positively deal with this problem?


This song by Dr. Kay Johnson-Gentile seems to me to be a helpful one for children and adults:  “I Am the Artist.”

Please continue to hear this music.



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