11.11.17 has been called a stargate opening. That may explain the extreme
behavior witnessed by me in the last 24 hours. Some of it would be rated X; all of it was
seen in a parking lot, in daylight, in a nice quiet area of town actually. Wow.It may also explain the following message.  It is offered here as a way of asking for
assistance. Perhaps together we’ll come up with what it means.  Perhaps it means
something different for each of us. This is unclear, yet the timing seems important.

What can be added is that it was given unexpectedly and without any sense of the personal.
That is to say that there is a knowing that offered this, not an individual.  As you will
read in a moment, this is more of a remembering than a telling.

These times, for sure, accelerate and for much of them I feel as if I am a witness to, rather
than a participant of, what is happening.  I especially enjoyed this meditation
(see the link here and above) for its authenticity and brevity. Her name is Solodad Maria,
and she’s been working with what she calls “feminine source energy” for several decades.
This is the energy we are realizing now.

So, today, a few hours ago, I was stopped, in the middle of this morning, while on
the road actually, and asked to record and then share the following –

This becomes then a part of the transmission. A transmission from Source. These words are
given so that they may be heard. These hearings occur so that they may be written.
These writings happen so that they are shared; shared by all with ears to hear.

This is not an individual. It emanates from the All and becomes part of the consciousness
in which you find yourself.  It becomes that which you now have access to, that which you
remember.  It is this you have always known.

The remembering begins.

What you will recall and recognize always is truth.

Truth becomes then, the tensile strength of all statements.

It is evident and recognized by all who are ready to move beyond what you currently label reality.

This earth you today inhabit is in the process of alteration. The shifts and drops and accelerations
and alterations affect all and are felt by “few” – “few” is a relative term, but what “felt” implies is
that it is experienced to such an extreme degree that choice is altered and thus behavior changes. 

You will not be walking on the same ground.

You will not be breathing the same air.

What changes is everything – not only here – this localized view your eyes take in is just a
part of the All.

What you are to remember comes from there – from the All. It exceeds your current knowing.

   “How?” (Sophia)

In every way.

What you are currently on the cusp of grasping is absolute awareness. This comes,
(and cannot come in any other way), from not a single aspect but from the whole.

The whole is, in actuality, evolving beyond its current locale – as is the earth.

In order for an easy transfer and movement it becomes necessary to…

   “To what?” (Sophia)

To begin now a personal removal.  

This is not so much a splitting, as it is a separation.
Begin now to separate from what is man’s and move towards what is God’s –
the word is not precise (God’s), yet the meaning is.

You are One.

There is, in truth, never a split as in A-PART – there will be separation however,
as you must leave behind those things that do not belong where you go now.

Those things you recognize. They are hard, slow and solidly earthly.

   “I am no longer hearing you clearly.” (Sophia)


The time now arrives for the remembering. 

This remembering will guide your movings in the days ahead.

It ended there.  Those of you who have read any of my work, know that I do not speak
of god or God or any deity.  So, I will give you my take on the words you’ve just read.

We are no longer fooling around. What we came to do is now about to be done.  As in
all things, participation is personal choice. Yet if you are going to follow through, to go
where it is you have been talking, meditating, writing and recording about; you are
now at the door.

Perhaps that door is the 11.11 stargate.  Perhaps that door is the next few minutes or
months or hours or years or days; timing is never given in absolute terms. It begins
though, that much is clear.

The separation and leaving behind part kind of reminded me of that “adulting”
moment we all eventually get to; with a bit of a multi-dimensional punch.

What is man’s and solid showed up for me as documents, money, etc. Those things
of no consequence to the ultimate value of life. Those things you will not be thinking
about with your last breath.

You will not be walking the same ground, meant for me that a new earth is where we will
take our next steps.

The remembering. This refers to all things sovereign. All knowing’s that have no conditions
or rules or persons or systems stuck to them.  Truth.  That which you do not need to
guess about.  That which you know. Like love.

Please comment below if you have insights for us.  I believe someone has turned on the
switch for our next ride/adventure; throw your hands up!
Love without restriction or hesitation!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 
We are anchors for the light. 
Let’s do this.

With gratitude and so much love,

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I just found this video, which was published on 11.11.11. Seems to fit!






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