DR. SUZANNE LIE – THE ARCTURIANS – A Peek Into the 5th Dimension – 11-10-17

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Dr. Suzanne Lie


Published on Aug 26, 2016
A Peek into the Fifth Dimension by The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie ~
Are YOU sensing the 5th Dimension?
Stay informed and join our energetic weather report and
planetary update discussion on Saturday, August 27.
Within this NOW, you are not fully in your third/fourth dimensional body.
Nor are you fully in your fifth dimensional body.
This is not because you did something wrong,
but because you are a prototype.
A prototype is defined as: “An original or first model
from which other forms are copied or developed.”
Hence, your transmutation into your Lightbody SELF
is an early example that will be used as a model
for what comes later.
In fact, you (if you have volunteered before this incarnation)
are someone who has offered to “test the equipment”
for transmuting your third/fourth dimensional Earth vessel
into your fifth dimensional Light vessel.
To complete your process, you will be called on to release
your third and fourth dimensional manner of thinking
before your fifth dimensional brain is fully online.
For this NOW, we suggest that you focus primarily
on the third dimension as your baseline and the
fifth dimension as where YOU go, but do not live yet.
What we mean by the above statement is that you
remain fully grounded, eat the right foods,
exercise your body, and get a “spotter.”
A Spotter is someone close to you who can
keep track of you without having any judgment or fear.
Some people may be afraid of your changes and
will judge you because they are frightened.
Hence, it is best to focus on the third dimension as your baseline.
The fifth dimension is where you resonate within
the operating system of the NOW of the ONE,
which is quite a different experience than resonating
to third dimensional “Time and Space.”
Your “earth vessel” cannot resonate to the fifth dimension,
so your “peeks into the fifth dimension” will be
via your fifth dimensional states of consciousness. ~
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In Greek mythology, Gaia also Gaea,
or Ge was the personification of the Earth,
one of the Greek primordial deities.
Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess;
creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe;
the heavenly gods, the Titans and the Giants were born
from her union with Uranus (the sky),
while the sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus.
Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.
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