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by Meashenu,   Guest writer,

Finally, it’s time a lot of the Reptilians (the negative ones) are forcefully being removed from the planet. For the last week or so there has been huge efforts made in clearing out the underground Reptilians that have been hiding down there for a long time.

How this is being done is that big pulses of Source energy are coming off from Gaia’s core in all directions. The energy moves up in a wave all the way up to space. Each energy wave hits the Reptilians hiding beneath the ground. As a result, they are having to run up away from the pulse because they can’t take that type of energy. Before they reach the surface, they are being dealt with. You don’t need to worry about them all coming up and being a problem.

The majority of the ones being taken care of now and over the next week or two (until they are all gone) are the snakes. There are all types of snake reptilian beings down beneath the surface. Giant snakes, small snakes, humanoid snake combination forms, and various other ones. There are even some that are more casters that create illusions. There has also been a lot of clean up with all of the eggs they have down there. Once they are cleaned out of the holes and caves, Gaia then fills them back in with herself. This way the ones that do run up, then try to come back down, have nowhere left to go to. Archangel Michael, the Angels, & the Lyran’s are helping with the removal of them.

If you have been walking around and feeling the ground and the energy coming from Gaia recently, you should have noticed a difference and felt the change in energy. These snakes have held such a low vibration and there’s just been so many of them, that they were significantly affecting the energy coming up to the surface from Gaia. You will also notice even more over the coming week or two when they are all removed.

On another Reptilian note, the Anunnaki ones that come through many portals all over in large numbers are being dealt with immediately as well. In the last 2-3 weeks there have been several times that they opened up portals all over Gaia and came through because they were trying to run here from their home world Nibiru (which isn’t going to be around much longer) or trying to regain control of the planet. Each time they’ve been dealt with quicker and quicker and gotten rid of.

If you ever run have any issues with Reptilians feel free to get in touch with me. I can remove Reptilian attachments, attacks, implants, and clear out entire properties of them.

Love & Light,


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  1. I’ve been involved with assisting our Reptilian~Draco Relatives’ removal since just before the turn of the century. I believe they are grateful to be relieved from the “duty” WE asked them to perform. This endeavor of separation was agreed upon by all souls incarnating here on Gaia. Instead of expressing our gratitude for the role they’ve played, we’ve made them the enemy. “Enemy” is a construct of separation’s game. When I was given the honor of escorting a group Home about 1.5 years ago, I thanked them for their service as well as acknowledging how expertly they played out their role on behalf of US ALL. They were startled that they were being acknowledged instead of disparaged. . As I said this to them, they actually preened! Instead of shrugging off, bent over, they were standing tall with even a slight “jaunt” in their step. WE ARE ONE


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