ZORRA CALL – DISCLOSURE – Alien Connection, with Dr. Russell Johnson – 10-7-17


ZORRA CALL – Alien Connection, with Dr. Russell Johnson – 10-7-17


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Hello beloved Masters,

We look forward to another informative, indepth and enlightening interview by Dr. Russell Johnson. He is a well known radio broadcaster/ interviewer since the 1990’s. He worked with many radio stations across the country informing the public through his research, investigations and interviews about every subject  surrounding Alien Connections and related topics.

He specializes in bringing out the information that goes beyond the typical news of the day. He covers the news that has been hidden or covered up by our government and other controlling agencies.

Last week, he continued his interview with Zorra of Hollow Earth. The topics covered President Trump and his replacememt in office. They discussed Tesla and his invention of free energy but was prevented from making it public. Other topis covered included the nuclear silos and how the Galactic’s  interventions have been keeping us safe and more.

Enjoy, learn and have a wondrous, glorious and loving day!

Jane, Billie and Zorra


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