K.C. BASS @ In5D – Releasing Limited Beliefs – 9-24-17

Limited Beliefs


by K.C Bass.   Guest writer, In5D.com

As we raise our vibrations and congeal with a higher dimension, our brains will need reprogramming. Our vibrations need to resonate with the dimension we are flowing in. Limiting beliefs lodged in our cellular memory need to be uprooted.

Literally, we need to roto rooter our cells. Our life experiences have given us so much negative material. Now, there has been some positive influence, we will let that be. The negative influences have the ability to halt your ascension process and overall success.


As we go higher, we have to think differently than we did before. Be aware that in this process many old things will come up, they have to. This part of the ascension process cannot be avoided. We need these things to come up so that we can release them in love.

“Yes,” I said, “release them in love.”

Why you may ask?

Let’s explore the purpose of limiting beliefs. They are to limit you from moving in a certain direction. For example, a trauma experienced as a child could present a limiting belief of fear or powerlessness. You create the limits to avoid the trauma happening to you again. It is almost like a defense mechanism to keep you safe. So for a period, they may actually have kept you safe, so you thought. The longer a limiting belief stays in place, the less beneficial it becomes. As we move higher in vibration, you will find that it no longer serves you. It’s okay to release it. The limiting belief has done its job. Once you release it, you create space for more beneficial beliefs. Here are a few steps to release limiting beliefs:

1. Name the limiting belief

Naming the limiting belief whether it be powerlessness or fear will help you to become specific about what you are releasing.

2. Create an Affirmation of Release


3. Meditate Daily

In your times of meditation, repeat the affirmation until it becomes so much a part of you, that the subconscious repeats it for you. As you meditate on what you really are, the identity of the limiting belief falls off.

You can repeat this process for each limiting belief or place them all in one category. It doesn’t matter how you choose to release them, just release them and expand. You will certainly thank grateful that you did.

Love and Light

K.C Bass

About the authorK.C Bass is a Transformation Mentor and Life Coach. Her purpose is to awaken others to a greater spiritual experience.She currently resides in North Carolina.




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