ZORRA CALL – Updates on Hurricane Irma, Sept. 23rd, The A.G.E Pill and more – 7-23-17 – Blog Talk Radio – Galactics will Control Passing of Nibiru with minimal effects upon Earth – Origin of Lemuria – Stratum or Ice Shield created our oceans – Earth was created in 7, 000 Years



ZORRA CALL – Updates on Hurricane Irma, Sept. 23rd, The A.G.E Pill and more – 7-23-17 – Blog Talk Radio 


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Dear beloved Masters,

We bring you two Zorra calls, one on Saturday, 9/16 and another on Sunday, 9/17 with Dr. Russell Johnson. Sunday’s call will be on Blogtalk also and I will send out the information some time after the Saturday call. By the way, last Sunday’s  interview by Dr. Russell Johnson with Zorra was excellent!

This Saturday, Zorra will explain why Hurricane Irma was not nearly as devasting as they had predicted. In fact, we have two people who will testify to what happend in their location during that time. There were many positive testimonies. It was amazing!

Talking about events, what is the truth about Sept. 23rd. What does it mean and should we be in fear. Should we prepare for the worst to happen. Some people are. What do you think? Llet’s ask Zorra.

We have a special guest, Daphne Begg, who will give us a brief summary of some wonderful news coming from Sisel and the A.G.E. Pill. We are all waiting for our age reversing pills but not to worry. We should be receiving them starting Monday!  Thanks Daphne for being on our call!

Now, we hope that Ginger will be able to join us on our show to update us on news about the TDA’s. Where are you in the process? We shall see.

Oh my, we do have a show packed with not only relevant information but with high energy and vibrations. We will see everyone soon!

Love to all and may harmony, peace, joy, love and laughter be with all of you!

Jane and Billie

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