New Earth Hypnosis Session – September 23rd – Beyond Quantum Healing – by Lauren Hanson – QHHT Video – by Love In Action Now – Earth is on the Verge of Great Change – Humanity is going to Evolve Very Fast – Encountering Vector Reality – Convergence of Timelines – Turning Point in Human History – Dark Forces Tampering – The Event is Coming – Lightwave will hit the Planet – Consciousness of One, Transmuting into Crystaline Bodies

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Published on Sep 18, 2017 
Lauren Hanson
Dan undergoes a Hypnosis session administered by Lauren Hanson with a wide variety of topics discussed! Session was recorded on Sept 8th, 2017 Topics Include: -New Earth -The Event -September 23rd -False Light Matrix -Archon -AI (Artificial Intelligence) Taking over -Hybrid Children Program -Vector Reality -Arc of the Covenant Lauren’s Website►
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